Bubble Drop

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    Hi Boxers,
    Test your skill: I have Just released a brain-teasing, puzzler.
    Incredibly addictive,!! “Bubble Drop” will take you on a journey through a labyrinth, of brain-teasingly fun levels, each more uniquely challenging, than the last.
    A unique bubble sorting game: a test of ability on all levels.
    Designed with a simple touch-to-move interface, this hybrid hyper-casual, gravity-based puzzle app, sets a relaxing tone to the game play yet still retains the thrilling, sense of achievement following the success of each completed level, by contrast to the frustration of being just nearly there.
    "Bubble Drop" contains infinite replays, allowing players unlimited opportunities to find the solution for each level.
    How to play,
    Before you start our number 1, Tip with "Bubble Drop," you should familiarize yourself with the actions of the touch boxes before releasing the bubbles. All the touchable boxes are active at the start of each level.
    Press Start to drop the bubbles. Using your skill and judgment, utilize the touch boxes and platforms to re-arrange the bubbles into the correct order before they reach the bottom.
    How Difficult could it be ?
    Out Now on


    Bubble Drop Gif 3.gif
    I hope you take the time to download, and would welcome your feedback

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