Boss Defeated In Platformer Game World... Now What?

Discussion in 'How Can I...?' started by RAGE Sonix, Jun 5, 2017.

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    I am struggling with a basic event of a Platformer Game.

    Simply put, I want to be able to defeat a "boss" character and have that level/world end.

    I can defeat the boss with the mechanics of the game but I cannot figure out the best way to end that world and move to the next. (Think Mario beating Bowser in world 1-4)

    Is this what the Event Observer is used for? If so, how do I attach the Event Observer to notice the defeat of an enemy? After the enemy is defeated, can a "NEXT" or "MENU JUMP" appear that the character has to interact with?

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    Yes, you can do it in few ways.

    Event observer is one of them. You can use for instance Points if you are not using them already and set that event to, let's say, 1 point reached then go to next world or UI which you can connect on the Mind Map. It should work.

    The other idea is to use scene if you want to continue in the same world, all you need is to put all scenes in proper order on scenes timeline.

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