Bob`s Mansion - New Game For Ios And Android

Discussion in 'Game Showcase' started by wmfear, Feb 1, 2023.

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    Hi boxers!

    My newest game, "Bob`s Mansion" is now available. Bob, who some might recognize from "Hide from Heather", has recently inherited an old mansion from a distant uncle. Your job is to examine and explore the house to find pieces of a puzzle. Best of luck!

    iOS App Store link:

    Google Play link:


    Screenshot-1242x2688-2023-01-09-02.22.56P.M.png Screenshot-1242x2688-2023-01-09-02.23.48P.M.png Screenshot-1242x2688-2023-01-09-02.24.23P.M.png Screenshot-1242x2688-2023-01-09-02.34.39P.M.png Screenshot-1242x2688-2023-01-09-02.35.04P.M.png Screenshot-1242x2688-2023-01-09-02.35.44P.M.png

    Hope you like the game, and please give me some feedback, good or bad :)
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    I saw the post about Bob's Mansion, and it looks like an interesting and unusual game. I always love finding new games to try out on my phone, especially mini-games that I can play on the go. Have you had a chance to play it yet? By the way, if you're into playing games, you should check out some reviews on the They have some great recommendations and reviews for all kinds of games. I've found some really fun games to play through their site. I'm new to this forum, but I'm excited to connect with other gamers and talk about all things gaming. Do you have any other favorite games you've been playing recently?
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    As for my recent favorites, I've been hooked on a few games lately. One of them is "Stardew Valley." It's a charming farming simulation game that offers a relaxing and immersive experience. I also enjoy playing "Among Us" with friends—it's a multiplayer game where you have to figure out who among the players is an impostor. It's always a lot of fun trying to deceive or detect the impostor's lies! I'm glad to connect with other gamers here too. But if all is not very good and you want to relax, it is worth remembering about online casinos, there will be more fun, but first read detailed information about casinos before choosing. It's always great to chat with fellow gaming enthusiasts and share experiences. If you have any other game recommendations or want to talk more about gaming, feel free to share!
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    It's a great game I love it.

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