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    hello, i published several games on appstore but on of my game have 1100 downloads only in one week i put lot of keywords on english spain uk australia and canada lenguages and other 24 languages, share on facebook twittter, also mail with puplishers they dont want to publish app that is on appstores. but app visibality is very low what i must to do spent money to buy downloads or are they other free ways to increase downloads?
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    these are most valuable factors. Specially icon and screenshots. make them in such a way that if your game comes up in a search result, user do not pass by without downloading or atleast viewing it
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    As @aqeeliqbal says above, the appstore sales pitch is key. You can see how many app store views/how many downloads your app gets in your itunesconnect analytics. This will let you know about the general performance of your app from a 'hey, you gotta download me!' point of view. If you are getting 500 views and 20 downloads, then it wont matter how much traffic you get - your icon/screenshots/description aren't converting.

    On the flip side, if you are getting 500 views and 250+ downloads - then at least you know if you put some more traffic at it you are likely to convert a bunch to downloads.
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    Hi there, besides social media and email marketing, there are many other free promotion methods, details as follows:

    Start a Blog
    Blogging costs no money and allows you to create rich content which can significantly boost your app’s online presence. This may increase your app downloads.

    Post on Forums
    Write some attractive articles to introduce your app, you can insert some screenshots of your app and user's positive reviews in those articles. Then share them on relevant forums which have high traffic , which may attract much more users.

    Get 4/5 star ratings and good reviews
    Most audiences tend to download an app which has 4/5 star ratings and more good reviews. You can guide your users leave good feedback.

    App store optimization
    App Store Optimization, the greatest influence on the numbers of downloads once your App is on display in the stores, which is also the most effective way to increase app downloads.These factors of app affect the downloads numbers: a detailed description, keywords, special features, and benefits.

    Create a video
    People like watch videos. You can create a short and interesting video to introduce your app. Then you can share your video on some famous forums and platforms of social media(like facebook), if your video is attractive, most people will share it on their own social media accounts. Then the video will reach much more people, improving app exposure.

    App Review Websites
    You can submit your app to app review websites, which can do much more to promote app than you. Be sure to study their requirements for inclusion and pitch them carefully.

    Participate in relevant activities
    You can expand your personal connections by joining relevant activities , then increase the promotions channels, you also can learn knowledge of app promotion by communicating with other developers.

    Hope these methods are useful to you, if there is any question about app promotion, please feel free to contact me. Skype: business_1298

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