App Closes After Loading After Chartboost Integration (android)

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    I was repeatedly told that the BuildBox export includes Chartboost integration and that I didn't have to add any code manually in Android Studio to accommodate the Chartboost SDK.

    However, after setting this up (adding the correct IDs to BuildBox and choosing the add frequency on the various UIs in my game) I wasn't getting the green tick on the SDK for my game on the Chartboost dashboard. To remedy this I attempted to follow the instructions here -, to see if any of the code additions would work.

    Adding the lines -

    implementation "$project.ext.googlePlayServicesVersion"
    implementation "$project.ext.googlePlayServicesVersion"
    to the build.graddle, as well as -

    to the AndroidManifest.xml did get the green tick on the SDK in Chartboost after testing my game, but the issue now is that the game closes after loading. This has only started happening after the Chartboost integration - and only happens the second time the game is loaded. Presumably because the criteria to generate the ads haven't yet been met when the game is first opened.

    I'm probably missing something here. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I have not added the code from the Chartboost instructions in Android Studio?

    I have contacted Chartboost but they say that they don't offer support to integrations using BuildBox.

    Any help or insight here would be greatly appreciated.


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