Anyone Know The Ltv Of A Hypercasual Game?

Discussion in 'Game Marketing' started by Langie Learn, Apr 23, 2019.

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    Anyone know the LTV of a hypercasual game?

    Green Panda Games top game this month on sensortower was downloaded 700k times and has an estimated revenue below what sensortower shows. Yet sensortower also says they are advertising on 9 networks still so obviously their LTV is higher than their CPI. I think I've read here Voodoo aims for a CPI around 20 cents or lower so Green Panda Games is likely making more than $0.20 per install but I really don't see how.

    My attempts at calculating LTV based on monetization data from non hypercasual games I've seen around the internet put the LTV of a hypercasual game below $0.20. Even if I am overly optimistic about how many ads on average a person will watch I still don't get to 20 cents a user.

    I feel the only variable I could be far off on is how often hypercasual players are clicking ads. Since the games are so simple and so many ads are shown its possible that they have a higher than normal amount of ad engagement.

    (I tried to submit this topic before but I had internet problems so hopefully it doesn't go through twice)
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    30 cents to 1 dollar!

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