Action Animation Always Shooting Right!

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    Hi everyone,

    I am sure many of you faced this issue but I wonder if any one solved this. Ok the basic set up is I have a character shooting knives and I set it up with Action Animation. I have a knife png image inside action animation and it is basically a character bullet object and a permanent spawner. And I have the action button on screen so when the player hits the button the player throws knives. The main problem is my character is set up as the basic platformer set up. Controlling the character moving left right basic jumpng etc. And no matter what I do the knives keep moving to the right even the character is facing left vice versa. I know the solution of copying and pasting the knive into player animation frames so I can shoot in every direction but I want to limit the number of knives say like a total of 10 knives instead of unlimited knives so that is why the action animation and button on screen. Is there a way to fix this?? Thank you in advance.

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