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    A fun addictive hyper casual arcade tapper with the potential to improve your focus, reflexes & eye-hand coordination while trying to keep your cool and not go "AAAHH!!!"

    Make your way through an endless labyrinth of fast spinning obstacles designed to test your alertness at every step.

    How to Play:
    - Stay calm and patient.
    - Look for an opening and time the jump.
    - Tap to jump through obstacle gaps to clear them.
    - Survive the confusing & grueling labyrinth as long as possible.
    - Compete with the rest of the world for the global leader board position.

    Screenshot_01.jpg Screenshot_02.jpg Screenshot_03.jpg Screenshot_04.jpg Screenshot_05.jpg Screenshot_06.jpg Screenshot_07.jpg Screenshot_08.jpg

    Please do share your feedback. It helps. :)

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