A Solution To The Problem Of Walking Left After The Previous Scene Has Been Deleted.

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    My fix for preventing a character walking left into a deleted scene.
    [red and green pillars mark the scene start/end points]

    A. Position a blocking object(Walk Left Limiter) so that once it's physics type is set to Static, it'll prevent the character moving left of that point, and also prevent exposing the deleted scene to the left.

    B. Place a "touchplate"(Ground Platform Trigger) to detect collision with character.

    C. Link a Send node to the touchplate's Start node's "Collide" output, to communicate with a Receive node in the blocking object's Mind Map.

    D. Within the blocking object's Mind Map, link the Receive node to a Set Physics node and set the Physics Type to Static.
    blocking object.png

    End result, with the wall hidden.

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