20 Bucks To Anyone Who Can Help Me Out With This Issue. (admob Heyzap Mediation)

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    Okay so I have been trying to find a working solution to this problem for almost a week now and right now I'm really really frustrated. Really hoping someone can help out in return for a quick $20.

    So While trying to test my ads,
    I keep getting the error "network not enabled". (screenshot attached)

    photo_2019-01-09_06-16-08 (2).jpg photo_2019-01-09_06-16-10 (2).jpg

    Network is not getting enabled for AdMob, AppLovin, Chartboost, Facebook and UnityAds. But right now I just want AdMob to work. (I tried setting up all individually, and then gave up and settled on setting up only Admob for now)

    Things I've done :-
    1. Created new app on admob, redid the entire steps from creating ad units to setting up Heyzap Integration wizard. (Screenshot attached below) screenshot 1.PNG
    2. What methods I've tried to use to install the file on my testing device
    -PTAdHeyzap.jar file (default)
    -heyzap-ads-9.52.0.jar (converted from aar file android-sdk-release.aar, heyzap-ads-sdk-9.52.0 SDK file given in heyzap docs
    - Used Fyber's maven repository
    maven {
    url "https://fyber.bintray.com/fairbid-maven"
    All these methods worked to Install the APK on my device, But all still gave the same "network not enabled" ERROR.

    Other info
    - Yes My app has all the required permissions and activities
    - Yes I have access to internet and No my mobile device is not on airplane mode
    - I got Admob and Applovin to work Previously when the game wasn't finished but now it doesn't seem to work anymore even though I did everything exactly as before
    - I don't use any VPN and I have a fast and reliable Network connection.
    - The game works fine, But none of the ads do ( no banners, interstitial or reward videos come up)

    If you Know how to solve this issue Please reach out to me here in the forums, or dm.

    Thanks in advance


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