2 Different Death Animations For Same Enemy?

Discussion in 'How Can I...?' started by jnewc54, Dec 12, 2022.

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    Hello. is it possible to have the same enemy have 2 different death animations?
    For example I want the enemy to have two different ways my character can kill him.
    1) gets hit by a hand thrown grenade/bullet OR 2) the enemy could also die by a melee attack.
    Not sure how to do this. so, basically I want a death animation for a melee attack and a different death animation for the explosion of the grenade/bullet. The animations are done I just cant figure out how to use the proper nodes and order for two different death animations to work on the enemy. So far the enemy has an explosion death for both the grenade/bullet and melee attack....not what I want. Thanks in advance for any help!

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