1 Year Of Game Dev! (third Half??)

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  1. Starman

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    Jan 4, 2018
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    Hey guys! This is the continuation of my year of game dev series, if you haven't checked out the previous ones be sure to read them here and here first :D Finally the end of the week, glad to be back doing another post, enjoy! ;)

    20th Game
    After a while of 2d I went back to 3d, it's a loop:D As I'm not as experienced in 3d compared to 2d, I didn't try to create an entirely new gameplay. Went with a simple zig-zag isomeric runner instead. This is pretty simple, although I tired to add a few stuff to it with the road and stripes. Took me half and hour to get the render done, and another half to export it (the annoying stuff:confused:) I had to export it since this is a game I'm working with the team on. Wasn't great but pretty cool experience.;)
    Stripe Lanes - August 29th

    :) Special

    This isn't a game, but a logo for a buddy. I did a post here on the forums asking if anyone'd like to be in my team, @OneHitGamer pm'd me and joined! Really exciting for us, worked on a few cool games. He told me he got his own studio App Nasty, so I thought I'd do a little logo for him as a way to put my skills to use:D This is the logo I came up with, quite satisfied with the result, hope you like it too Joshua! ;)
    App Nasty logo - September 6th

    21th Game

    This is a simple game, and back to 2d again:p I aimed for simple, but polished, similar to hyper casual games in 2015. Took me 30 minutes and it went ok, was going to publish this as a template but haven't got a chance to turn it into a game:)
    Up - September 7th

    22th Game
    After a few simple game I'd like to have a more detailed one, one that I can be proud of:D I didn't plan much and just dived right in. The idea came from the team, sounds pretty cool to me so I did this as my big game. This took me quite sometime, using both vector and raster. Ended up being one of my breakthroughs, it's really detailed, it looks awesome and matches what I had in my mind:)
    Tilt - September 22nd

    23rd Game

    After the 22nd game, I became fascinated with this 2d with depth style. So I went on to do more! This game started as me trying the custom brush feature (the racing border) and accidentally clicking on the inner shadows. I usually don't like these inner shadow effects, I think they look dirty in some way. But not this time, I found out they don't look bad if used correctly, although I discovered this by accident :D The shadow and colors reminded me of the older games, ones in 2012 and earlier...the good times:rolleyes:. So I went on to finish it as a top down racing game, think I nailed the 2012 style really well, and I love it:)
    Racer - October 7th

    24th Game
    This is something I did after having the idea of a super polished UI. Wasn't really a game, just for that UI, which is exactly what I wanted:) I don't have a gameplay for this, just an arrow and a bloom effect. I applied my style of 3d depth in 2d to the UIs, with those shadows, looks really cool.
    Shooting Arrow - October 7th

    The One Game A Day Challenge!
    I've been focusing on the graphics a little too much in my opinion. So I decided to tackle both development and graphics skills by challenging myself to create one game everyday from head to toe. (weekdays, which means I only have 3-4 hours) It went on for 5 days, until I screwed up the fourth one being unable to have a fitting gameplay. That took me 2 days. Overall the three games are awesome, complete with polished graphics, UI, bugless mechanics, sounds, icons and UI animations. Which really pushed my game dev and planning skills to the limit:) I enjoy a little challenge sometimes, exciting. It lasted from October 8th to 13th, read my special post of the series covering my challenge, coming soon;) Follow me if you want to be notified when I finish the post, I need followers lol:D

    Well that's it for today, guess I'd be doing a fifth or sixth to finish this:confused: That's coming soon, hope I can finish this series this weekend, got some really cool stuff coming after;) As always, tell me what you think, and feel free to share your stories. I'd love to hear them :)

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