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The wait is nearly over.  Buildbox 2.0 is coming April 27th.

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Buildbox Games Featured

Four Buildbox Games Featured in 3 Weeks

| Buildbox Notes | 6 Comments

We’ve had four Buildbox games get featured in the past three weeks: Dere .Exe, Arctic Smash, CMND/CTRL, and Reached! It’s incredible to see our customers dominating the charts on both Apple and the Google Play platform. Dere .Exe was recently featured …

Game Dev Interview Dere Exe

Game Dev Interview Series 001: Darius Guerrero

| Buildbox Notes | 10 Comments

The Philippine-based indie studio, AppSir Inc., has been successfully creating innovative games using Buildbox for quite some time. In fact, their latest game, Dere .Exe recently hit over 50,000 downloads and was trending on Google Play. We were honored to have the opportunity to chat with Darius Guerrero, founder of AppSir Inc., about the …

Dev Blog 2 Buildbox 2.3.3

Dev Blog #2 – Buildbox 2.3.3 is Now Live

| Buildbox Notes | One Comment

Buildbox 2.3.3 is live. It was released on Tuesday, February 13th and is now available via auto-update or direct download from the official links in your license email. With this new update, we added several major features to improve the …

Dev Blog #1 – Buildbox Software Development Update

| Buildbox Notes | 21 Comments

Hope the start of 2018 is going well for everyone! We just wanted to give a quick update on our Buildbox software development. We released the Buildbox 2.3.2 update on Friday, January 19th. With this new update, we added …

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