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Discussion in 'How Can I...?' started by PantherClaw, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Dec 4, 2016
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    Hello to anyone who sees this,

    Now I do not have Buildbox, but have contemplated over purchasing Buildbox, or Unity Game Engine for game development. I will use Buildbox or Unity with my dev team to develop mobile games. My biggest concern is how we will be able to work together if Buildbox is only used on one computer on one purchased account. Unity however, has a new feature that allows there users to cooperate with one another via a cloud storage system integrated into the program. This allows for a seamless workflow amongst the team. This idea is very compelling, but one feature that Buildbox has is keeping me back. No need to CODE. My team and I have no coding experience what so ever. We will, if needed, learn how to code but if possible not needing to code will speed up our workflow. Now the question I ask to this forum is, what is a solution to this problem? How will I be able to cooperate with my dev team and work on a Buildbox project on separate computers. Thank you for everyone who read this lengthy passage. I will wait patiently for any response.

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    @PantherClaw I believe every subscription of buildbox allows 2 computers to use the same license. How many people in your team?
    Might be worth contacting support and asking if they have any plans available for more than 2 under the same license.
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    BB allows to install on 2 machines, but only run 1 BB at a time.
    Unity can do what you want, but the learning time is very long.
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    I hope Trey changes this policy it's a real hindrance.

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