Where In Script Can This, Ui(), Scene(), Etc., Be Used?

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    [First, it would be really nice if there was a specific section in the forum for scripting questions -- that way people who *only* want NoCode don't ever have to see script stuff -- and those of us who are code geeks would have a place to play.]

    Here's my scripting problem...

    Code that I've written works when inside the signal() function, but in trying to clean things up I broke some code out into their own functions that are called from inside signal() -- and the code stopped working. It's saying things like, "this.ui is not a function" but it's the same code that worked inside signal().

    So I thought maybe I could create some global variables outside of any function:
    var _this
    var _ui
    var _scene
    var _ent
    ...and then initialize them inside the init() function so I could then use them later:
    function init() {
        _this = this
        _ui = this.ui()
        _scene = this.scene()
        _ent = this.entity()
    ...but no joy -- inside the other functions _this sometimes works (not sure), but _ui, for example, just shows as null.

    Can anybody shed some light on what's happening here? I would expect to be able to set a global variable inside init that would then be available throughout the life of that entity. Or maybe a script component goes in and out of life???
  2. Hi Jay! You pose a good question here. The issue is that the keyword `this` is defined differently in a custom function vs the built-in functions. Here's some solutions you can try.

    1. Use `component` keyword
    Outside of the built-in functions in a script, if you need to use `this` you can use `component` instead.

    function init(){
    function foo(){
       log(component.ui()); // same result as this.ui() inside init()
    2. Global variable _this
    I believe your global variable solution will work if you initialize `_this = this` in init(), then in your custom function use `_this.ui();` etc
    let _this;
    function init() {
       _this = this;
    function foo(){
    I hope that helps!
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    Thanks Workes Perfectly.

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