Watch Out For Publishers Who Have Not Published Any External Games

Discussion in 'Game Marketing' started by manupr, May 5, 2019.

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    there are some publishers in the market who have hardly published external games. like tabtale (crazy labs) and kwalee. they have been in the market for so long but most or all their games are built in house. this way they dont have to pay any developer any revenue share. also they have big dev teams in house. always be careful with such publishers.

    it is so easy for them to:
    - test your game
    - if metrics are good then give u a very unfair contract or no contract
    - if you dont agree to sign contract, then make a clone of your game (remember they have dedicated development teams) and release it themselves
    - if metrics are bad, they know such games wont work and wont attempt to make them

    i am not accusing them that they do this in reality but you need to ask urself why such publishers dont release many external games. is it really in their best interest to publish external games?

    also be careful about publishers who dont share many metric details (they will say it is 'confidential' and they cant share it. you are the DEVELOPER and deserve to know!). they can easily rip you off by paying u less (they can claim that cpi was too high or ran an unsuccessful campain, how will you ever know?? )
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    I think boxers no need to worry about this :p

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