Walkie World For Ios And Android

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    Hi Boxers!

    My latest game, Walkie World, sort of in the style of Rise Up. Please let me know what you think!



    Protect Walkie as he takes a stroll through his world, but beware of all the obstacles flying at you!
    Move Walkie's protector with one finger and clear his path as he travels further and further!
    Use the protector to nudge Walkie around stationary obstacles.
    Earn points to unlock different protectors.
    It's very easy to control the protector but really hard to get high scores.
    Challenge friends and people around the world to beat your best score!

    Game Features:
    - Free to play
    - One finger control
    - Different game experience every time
    - Endless gameplay with endless levels
    - Push obstacles off screen to score
    - No deaths - When walkie gets hit by an obstacle, he gets upset and runs away!
    - Global Leaderboard

    Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-10.26.42PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-10.29.22PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-10.30.05PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-10.32.21PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-10.35.24PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-10.39.12PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-10.41.03PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-11.07.45PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-11.10.01PM.png Screenshot-640x1136-2018-07-13-11.27.15PM.png

    Thanks for looking!
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