Understanding Technical Aspects Of Buildbox

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by toroidalgames, Feb 22, 2020.

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    Hi there's a lot of technical aspects to buildbox I don't understand and I'm struggling to find answers to.

    1) With creating scenes is there a way to control how many scenes are loaded at once also does having a larger/small number of scenes in a world have a large impact on performance?

    2) When creating a scene with the start and end lines (I dont know the technical term) what happens to anything that is placed outside of them are they cut out from when the scene is loaded?

    3) Is it possible to import either 2d or 3d characters and to give them animations or to import ready made animations if so how can this be done?

    4) Is it possible to create power ups that say for example speed up or slow down the character or effect the gravity for X amount of seconds.

    5) When designing games for mobile do I need to take into consideration different screen sizes or do buildbox games scale up/down for them automatically?

    I'm familiar with unity and C# even though buildbox is far easier to use Im finding it very difficult to find detailed documentation or tutorials that cover more than the very bare minimum basics.
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    1) adding threshold on world settings determines that.
    2) objects are going to overlap with other scenes.
    3) for 3D models, FBX animations support should come end of Q1. For 2D animations, you need drag and drop PNG sequences into animation node.
    4) yes.
    5) yes, you need to take this into consideration.
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    Jul 28, 2018
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    Thread seems like a good place to ask this: how do I reveal the Javascript behind the individual object constructors? That is, I'd like to see all the properties and methods behind say a cube, or other animation. I'm curious to make sure that the methods, for example, are "prototype", so that when I instantiate a object, I'm not wasting memory by duplicating all the methods in each instance.

    I've tried menus, double-clicking; control and option and shift clicking. Cannot figure out how to see the underlying code.


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