The Best Ways To Boost Your App Downloads

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    People who have created apps know that it’s harder than it looks to get app installs.Here, we have gathered some methods to boost your app downloads.

    Create a quality app
    Only a quality app will finally attract and retain users. So, before launching your app in app stores, you should preoccupy yourself in creating a good app.

    Make your App Universal
    This is a good advantage for developers to increase app downloads from worldwide.

    Optimize your app keywords
    A report shows around 70% traffic of an app is from keyword searches. When you’re selecting a keyword, you need to take keyword relevance, traffic, and competition into account.

    Optimize your app title
    App title is the most important. An app with a good title will easily be searched and found on app Stores. Be sure to add your keywords in app title.

    Optimize your app description
    List new features and outstanding features into app description. Besides, adding your keywords as more as possible to the first three lines of the description will attract more users.

    Attach some good screenshots
    Your app screenshots should be descriptive, exciting and in high-quality.

    Get Good Reviews and High-star Ratings
    Users prefer one app which gets higher rating and more positive reviews.

    Improve the app store page design
    A lot of people have managed to get more app installs just through improving the look of the app, the logo of the app, and the app store page design. All of these different factors can make all the difference in terms of whether or not people are going to take any sort of initial interest in the app.

    App Store Opitmization
    ASO is the process of optimizing your app so that your app ranks higher than before and becomes more visible to users. If you are not a master in this field, you can choose a professional app store optimization company to do the job, like ASOTOP1.

    Buy app downloads
    High downloads can persuade more potential customers to download your app.

    Make your apps become pre-loaded
    One major way to promote your apps is to make your apps become the pre-loaded apps in a mobile phone. In order to target this goal, you should communicate with the the cellphone manufactures.

    Launch an app in smaller markets
    There are plenty of other smaller international markets which your can launch your app. Make sure to localize your app in countries and languages your app supports. Because app localization is the process of adapting your app to a particular language and culture, which will help to boost app ranking and downloads.

    Get apps listed in obscure stores
    Getting a larger percentage of the attention even in environments with fewer customers will still often mean more installs. It's a good idea to get apps listed in the third-party app stores that will attract less competition. such as Amazon App Store for Android, Samsung App Store, GetJar, F-Droid, AppsLib, and SlideME.

    Offer free downloads for a limited length of time
    If your app is paid, one efficient way to increase downloads is by launching and offering it for free or at half the price. You can promote your campaign on some relevant forums, and platforms of social media.

    Advertise online
    Advertisement is good experience for apps. Try ads on app stores, platforms of social media, google and some special forums related to your app, such as iOS forum and Android marketing forum.

    Update your App Regularly
    The update should be based on consumer feedback. Meaning one of the best things a developer can do is make enhancements that make it easier and attractive for a group of users to use.

    Press Release
    Press Release will obtain very positive results thanks to the “newness” factor associated with Apps. You will post your app features on the press release sites, related column, etc.
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    I think focusing on ASO (App Store Optimization) is the best way for app promoting. ASO can increase the visibility of your app in search results and boost your app downloads. To achieve that, You need analyze competitors and research keywords, optimize the app store listing fields (including app title, unique name and icon, right keywords, description and screenshots) and monitor whole process and applying changes.
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    Have as good ASO and SEO as possible. ASO is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that give your app more visibility in search results. For good ASO use keywords that people frequently use when looking for an app like yours. Put them in the app description and possibly in the title. The description should contain all details about app and features. Also, provide 5 to 8 screenshots and 1 video tutorial that explain your app main features and all details. Buy some keyword Installs also . It will boost app ranking to top 10 chart . I suggest for keyword installs . They provide 100 % genuine installs with keyword search . Just try.
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    There is no miracle cure to the success of your application. Its popularity will depend on your sustained efforts to make it visible in different ways, and through multiple levers. Before that, your application will have to answer concrete needs corresponding to the requirements of the users. It will challenge competing applications and offer different and creative alternatives giving exclusivity to yours.
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