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    Hey guys, I'm probably gonna jump out of BB3 for a little while till I can work uninterrupted without issues. I had hoped to squeeze every last drop of my master collection investment and have several games up and on the app store by now but it's just not going the way I planned.

    So please take this "Chilly Pilly" template as a friendly gesture to do what you want with it. All of the music, graphics, and sounds are just placeholders. The sounds and music are either mine or royalty/attribution free. Feel free to reuse whatever. Right now it is set up as a simple avoid the falling objects game. You can change the points milestones in the "Pill.obj" object at the "Point Counter" node. As the player continues to avoid the objects the platforms will rise till they hit the line and complete the level. If the platform gets hit the platforms will recede further from the line.

    This is not perfect but I don't feel like spending any more time on it while dealing with the crashes. So take what you can from it and have fun. I am not a programmer so I had to find a lot of ways to make things happen through nodes. Probably not the most efficient methods.

    I will still be around, I'll just be spending the week regrouping and experimenting with other engines including BB2.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bcpbka54jpybux/chilly pilly WIP 3.bbdoc?dl=0

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