Special Moves For A Platform Game

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    I`m trying to give my character a few abilities. Please advise if there`s a way to do these things or not

    I been through loads of you tube videos looked through the forums

    I`ve got all the animations done but I’m struggling to get things to work.

    1) The main attack is shoot an arrow which I have as a character bullet and physics object with collide I have the arrow shooting in a realistic way but I’d like them to be destroyed on contact with wall and floors etc. Currently they pile up on the floor and enemies run into to them and both are destroyed or there just go through walls and off the bottom of the screen.

    I thought of giving wall damage to destroy my arrows on contact but won’t that hurt the character also?

    2) I have Animations for a melee attack with a sword but can’t figure out how to assign the move I have it set to a button and on screen icon but how do I link that to my character.

    3) I want to add a crouch so I can dodge and fire arrows and in high and low position press to crouch also movement speed reduced in that position.

    4) Shield Ability to block any object.
    I plan to attach a shield object for a second during the animation which has 9999 Health and collision on will that work?

    5) Box or enemies drop coin on death I’d like to smash crate boxes and have treasure chests to open on attacking them.

    6) power up that cause my current Special move to switch or Equip a different weapon.

    7) Are health bars possible for my character for example three hearts taking a hit you lose one and collecting a food item replenishes them.

    8) I’d like to have a key which opens a door when picked up.

    9) I`ve designed a boss fight can I trigger the end of the scene on that enemies death.

    10) Is it possible to have to look of the character change depending on current health level?

    11 Is It possible to do a top down game a have the game play area about 5000K in all 4 directions per scene like Diablo style.
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    I am also interested in many of these being answered.
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    Jul 26, 2018
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    The same for me. ^^
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  5. Josh (Nology Games)

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    All of these will be, if not already possible on Buildbox 3
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    2) melee attack (maybe)
    Make action with animation, set placing animation at character position and activate by action button.

    8) key + door
    Block door with invisible wall and make it transform away with action (somehow) just when you take the key.

    Didn't test any of these two so they might not be solutions. But I tried. Anyway interesting game mechanics to solve in BB.

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