Size Of 3d-files Versus Scaling

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    Hi folks, and happy Holidays to you all :)

    I`ve noticed that some of the fbx-models I have are very small in size (ex. 60 kb), but when I import them into Buildbox, they are huge, and I need to re-scale them down to about 0.1 of original size.

    If I import the fbx-files into Blender, scale them down and export them, the file size seem to increase, even if I try fbx or obj as output format.

    Can somebody tell me what is better, scaling down the fbx-files within BB, or scaling them down in Blender before importing them to BB, but thereby increasing the size of the file(s)?

    Hope I made this clear enough for anyone to understand :)
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    well my guess would be to import them as smaller size as possible and rescale them inside buildbox (since it's all about the storage used not necessarily the size of the object). Now I don't know what to say in your case, play around and see what works well for you.

    ps, if you want to see how bb team did it check out Martian Marathon template and you will see the difference
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    Meshmixer works great for scaling, and it’s free! Use the edit—>transform tool to scale and rotate, just make sure to disable “uniform scaling” as that will change the length and width as well.

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