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    Hi! I'm working in Buildbox 2 right now and I'm adding a second chance button that pops up with an interval of 3. The nodes are connected as it looks in the attachment. I also included a screenshot of the Second Chance UI screen. In there, the event observer is set to a time out and pauses the current world, and the actual "Second Chance" button only shows up with an interval of 3.
    The problem is that even when the "Second Chance" button isn't showing up, after the character dies, the world pauses for the time out which looks like a glitch. The character dies and then I have to wait for the 4.2 seconds even while the second chance button isn't showing. It doesn't go straight to the game over scene. How can I fix it so that when the character dies AND the Second Chance button isn't being shown, it goes straight to the game over UI and doesn't pause?

    Thank you so much.

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