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    Hi everyone, as of a few weeks back, I had to cancel my subscription therefore my use of BBox..
    Due to not being able to afford it..

    Just writing this, to let you all know that this is a great community that has been created, and well taken care of throughout the days, and I was(still am) very glad, I had the chance to actually be a part of it.
    I learned a lot, at the time I'd put the best of efforts into creating my app, even tho' it isn't actually something new (just a simple Flappy style game with shooting function added), it is my first ever creation in terms of developing something. I've always wanted to code, but didn't knew how to, neither ever had any chance in learning it 'professionally' speaking. I did try to self teach myself this, but obviously not as easy as it seems, and i'l admit, didn't actually stayed on that learning course by myself for long.. why? easy answer, came across one of @TreySmith s ad's into getting the Everything pack while I was at work, and listened to all of it from top to end, including soon after all the videos available to be seen on Youtube (including the one Nick (if I'm not mistaken) breaking the laptop), which isn't even available anymore.. and that's it really, for sure if I ever have the opportunity to afford it once again, I won't hesitate!

    Didn't actually got to upload the game onto the PlayStore as I've encountered difficulties integrating the Ad's (eclipse & Android Studio didn't give me any slack:confused:) , and kind of gave up.. even tho' I did NOT fully gave up, simply decided it would be "OK" to delay my success somewhy :oops:

    As a last second 'dying' breath, I am willing to pay someone 10$ or £ to integrate my ad's for me, and/or show me how to do it step-by-step for 5$ or £ so I can finally get my One-Time registration done and upload it straight away.
    Should any of you readers feel confident enough to, feel free to PM me, I'l be slightly "picky" choosing the right person as I'm afraid my "idea" might be stolen and uploaded without my authorization as we've seen it happen before.:mad:

    Thank you for taking your time to read through all this, and a very good boxing season for you all !:D
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    Mate let me make a suggestion to you. Download Cocos Creator. It will mean putting some work into learning Javascript but it will allow you to create similar games. It does take extra work because you will have to write the code that BB did for you before. However it will allow you to create apps and do similar stuff.

    I used to use it myself however I do not have time hence the reason I chose BB but with Cocos creator you can do anything you want in your own time without the cost.

    This is in no way a negative against BB. The fact is BB is a great SDK that removes the additional work of physics and level handling etc when creating a game.. However if you cannot afford the BB subscription then spend that little extra time to learn something like javascript or C and use cocos directly.

    We currently have 10 Apps on App store. 8 Of those were written directly in Cocos. Reason I chose to go to BB was because I have limited time and its so much easier when you have a system already in place to create point click level creation and handling backend leaderboards and adverts etc.

    EDIT : OK I have had a few wines (2 bottles in fact) and hope I have not broken any forums rules :( . I am the first one to promote BB to the hills. I am a software engineer. I will blitz anyone with assembler or anything you challenge me to.. However I will choose BB to write games.. Because its the easiest game dev creator there is.. Just wanted to mention that just in case :(

    EDIT EDIT : I have a challenge to all.. Motorola 68000. Whats faster than this.. If you can also tell me why ill buy you a beer

    Move.l #-1,d0

    :) . enjoy.. Lets see who actually knows...Clue... Click... CLOCK
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