Rocket Cats - A Space Adventure

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    Hello Buildbox family! I just finished my new game and released at Android Play Store. (iOS version coming soon) Here is main details about my new game:

    Get in the rocket and experience an endless adventure towards the depths of space!
    Could you be the leader of this arcade-style endless adventure game?

    Download for Android:

    ○ Stay in the game for as long as possible without hitting the dogs and going out on the screen and keep your leadership in the scoreboard.
    ○ Collect MeowCoins (In-Game Currency) by eating and unlock new cats.

    Gameplay Trailer:


    1-.png 2-.png 3-.png 4-.png 5-.png


    ○ Easy to play, addictive with nice graphics, endless gaming experience (Only 12MB size)
    ○ Yellow Magnet Ball (Collect foods for 4 seconds)
    ○ Slowdown Power (Renewed every 1 minute)
    ○ Leaderboard (Do not forget to look to protect your leadership)
    ○ 10+ unlockable cats (more new cats will come with new updates)
    ○ 3 different aircraft (2 of them can be purchased with in-app purchase)
    ○ In-App purchases (MeowCoin Packs, UFO and Balloon)
    ○ There is something hidden in the Main Menu. (Find it and unlock Easter Bunny)
    ○ Free to play

    **I have a gift for you. PM me for UFO and Balloon "Promotion Codes"
    (I have only 50 Code for Balloon & 25 Code for UFO)

    Special Thanks to

    @EZKad for "Running Buildbox Android Game in Fullscreen Mode Tutorial"
    @blad300 for "Push Notifications with OneSignal for Android Tutorial"


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