Rewarded Video To Continue Timer And Automatic Switch To Next Ui

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    I was playing around with @mikafabz game Slip Away (the hugely successful one) and noticed a few feature in it that I am trying to implement.

    Sometimes when the character dies, an option pops up to continue playing. I know how to implement that part. What is special about the Slip Away implementation are:
    1. The rewarded video to continue option only appears if the player has scored a certain score, otherwise the game goes straight to the UI screent.
    2. There is a circle around the button that winds and counts down the time and if the player does not click the button in time, the game automatically proceeds to the game over UI.
    Here's a picture showing that countdown circle. When the circle expired, the game automatically transitioned to game over UI:

    Could anyone explain these 2 features. @mikafabz if you see this, your guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    I believe Slip Away has since been made outside of BuildBox.

    However if you use an Event Observer you can control which UI your Game goes to based on score.

    You can also create a countdown timer using the open animation frames in a UI.
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    Make 1 Interface after the Gameover-Eventobserver with 2 Event-Observers.
    1. Event-Observer -> Directly to GameOver-Screen
    2. Event-Observer -> Make an Interface where the "Open" is so long that you can revive yourself. In "Idle" the Revive-Button is away.

    I think this will work. :D

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