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    I worked a lot on my game using Buildbox Classic but i wanted to put some ads in my game using adbox and post it this month because the pro plan is so expensive to use and the plus doesn't have free to put in game ads, i heard that for now only buildbox 3d has the adbox and i backed up my world and putted it into buildbox 3d, everything was fine with menu UI's but when i started the game

    on buildbox 3d i want to make my game works fine but all of my characters are only static images and they don't have the jump and move animation or flip direction when they are going to right or left, only the death animation but it shows my initial character animation backside and some objects like the ballons and the actions that are stopping the shopping cars from moving are falling from the world, even the speed of the game is working wrong and slowly than buildbox 2d :<

    Here is an example:
    Buildbox 2d:
    Buildbox 3d:
    Buildbox 2d World & character Settings
    upload_2021-7-30_13-31-33.png upload_2021-7-30_13-32-20.png
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    Hey there,

    Unfortunately the conversion from BB2 to BB3 is not supported therefore your character settings or world settings are just some things generated that may or may not work on BB3.

    My suggestion is to learn how to make the game from the ground up inside BB3 instead of trying to fix
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