Quick Tutorial On How To Remove Unused Objects For Both Fbx And Obj File

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    Hey boxers,

    I find out that recently so many of you had issues with your projects being large in size due to the amount of obj/fbx files added that were not used in your project. I've decided to do a quick tutorial on how to do this with just one collision mesh for both subscene and start nodes. Please note that what I do in start node can be done on 3D Model node and the results will be the same.

    If you are doing this from the early stages of the game than you should be set and good to go while creating your game, otherwise it will be a pain to do so.

    Without further ado here is the video that you are waiting for

    If you like it or not or have additional questions please make sure to leave them below

    Until next one, stay awesome, create games, take care and see you soon.


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