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    Calling all Buildbox creators!
    We’re looking for some of the best bits to be part of the new Premium Bit Island in the
    Buildbox World app on iOS.

    What are Premium Bits?
    Premium bits are bits that are pay-to-play. These top-notch bits are located on the Premium
    Bit Island, where players can use gems to play different bits. Users can watch rewarded videos
    to earn gems or purchase them via their Buildbox World profile.

    Do you have a bit that’s worthy of ‘premium’ status?
    Our Beta Premium Bit program gives you the opportunity to start earning revenue from your
    bits in Buildbox World!

    We’re currently accepting submissions. If your bit is selected for our Premium Bit program, a
    member of our staff will contact you to discuss the program’s participation and the rev
    share structure.

    Please contact Hue at SUPPORT@BUILDBOX.COM with details about your bit
    to get started.

    Submit your bit today!
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    I have submitted my game 3 letter 1 word match 3 tiles and brain Puzzle 5 Seconds Game to BB world . Kindly let me if it qualifies for premium bit :)
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