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    I am making a shoot em up game going up. The thing is I am giving power ups during the game like twin fire or triple fire etc. what happens is if the character picks up an action power up which shoots twin lasers. The old one still stays there. So it always adds up the Power ups. What I want is the old shooting power to be gone totally. So if player gets twin it is twin lasers or triple triple. Seems the only solution to this is to make it a replace and also add the character animation inside the laser animation combined. But I will have like many spaceships in this game so one animation in an action power up won't help.

    Is there a way to disable the old action and replace it with the new one? Another solution I am thinking of is to have a screen arranged with single character selection screens like there will be 20 arranged characters to be selected and below it I will ad invisible level buttons so each level will have action power ups for that particular character with its animation in it. But seems this way will also increase the MBs a lot. I would appreciate if you could help me in this. I attached a screenshot of my action settings. @Andy @heathclose


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