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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Hi, in recent days, I mean in the version number 2.0 + facing a problem with the portal. If I use multiple portals on several scenes or levels, buildbox crushes simultaneously. And mostly wired behavior on the crash. Sometimes it crashes for no reason. I thought the update would stable it. But no! It doesn't. I have 15 scenes, and 10 scene has two portal so total 20 portals, 10 for entry and 10 for the exit. Also, the very latest update is giving another problem on the portal. Entry portal always behaves like both entry and exit gate. I have experimented with the radius of portal and building from scratch again and again. Nothing is giving me a solution. Mostly for the gameplay Impossible, facing this.
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    Are you giving your portals different group ids,
    So the entrance id is 1 and the exit id is 1, then on your next set of portals would be group id 2 and so on.
    Im making a game that is using the similar amount of portals as you are saying and every thing is ok. Using group ids

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