Points Not Saving When Restarting App?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Elcabone, May 15, 2017.

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    TL;DR: negative(below 0) points don't save when app restarts? or am I doing something wrong

    I'm completely out of ideas...

    Ok so, I have a custom currency in my game called Energy, which is associated with points.
    A user can get 1 energy daily by clicking on an action button(which has 1 recharge and a timeout of 12 hours), the user gets 1 energy, and I reduce the amount of points by 1, so it becomes -1 points(so I can use an event observer to check if a user has points left, if its above 0 it means the user has used all of the energy/points.)

    However, when I restart the app while I still have a couple of energy left, and I restart the app it suddenly says I have 0 energy(and thus 0 points). Does buildbox not save points?

    I'm using coins and distance for other parts of my game and those seem to be saving perfectly fine..
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    did you find solution for this issue?

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