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Discussion in 'BBAssets' started by ZackGriset, Nov 3, 2018.

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    Oct 3, 2017
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    Hey Boxers, got another BBAsset I wanted to share with you. I used this one in my Number Jump game. It's kind of handy because it has jumping and it also has a special move touch node that allows you to drag it left and right even though it has a dynamic object type.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 1.34.14 AM.png Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 1.32.46 AM.png

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    Mar 16, 2020
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    Hey Zack, I have used this Asset in the number jumper. I have also used it in a couple of different projects and it works correctly. But it constantly produces an error.
    The error is JS Error [asset: Main Character 1, component: Touch Move Ph, line: 0] - TypeError: _target is undefined

    Do you have any idea why or how I can fix this?

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