New 3d Sports Asset Pack!

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    On your mark, get set, goooo!

    Hey Boxers,

    We are back with a hot, new 3D Asset Pack!

    And it is just in time for the February Game Jam sponsored by Rogue Games. The theme for this Game Jam is Sports and our Bonus Challenge is to create a sport that doesn't exist!

    And what type of assets are we dropping today?

    It's a 3D Sports Asset Pack! This pack includes assets for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, and more!

    It's totally FREE to download, just click DOWNLOAD 3D Sports Assets to get it now.

    You can totally use this on the game you are creating for the ongoing game jam.

    And if you haven't yet, sign up here now and start working on your game! Submissions will be accepted only until 11:59 PM PST on March 8.

    You'll find the sign-up link, rules & guidelines, complete list of prizes, etc. HERE

    Good luck and may the best player win!

    DOWNLOAD 3D Sports Assets
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    thanks for the assets hope more to come!!
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    how can i make the basketball hoop move???o_O

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