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    Oct 21, 2016
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    Hello all, when I add music to the "Start" it works great in the Buildbox simulator, but when I export to Xcode and run the game on my phone it never plays the music.

    As a test I added it to "Main Menu UI" and it DID export fine to Xcode and to my phone. However, this makes it so the music starts over every time I hit the Main Menu in the game (subsequently it sounds awkward). We'd like the music track to just play through uninterrupted from the Start screen.

    Any ideas or thoughts?

    THANK YOU! :)
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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Hey browndalmation, don't put the music on the start scene. Put it on the main menu. If you only have one music for the whole game, then if you make 2 main menus and one with the music on it, then a second for whenever you play the game and go back to the second main menu that doesn't have the music on it, then the music will just play through and not restart every time you restart a scene.

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    FYI, the bug with the BGM in the "Start" UI is fixed in the next release we are preparing next week. New presets are done as well. :)
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