Mazetastic - Light & Shadow - How Did We Do It?

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    Hi fellow boxers, we just finished our game Mazetastic.
    Swipe your way through the maze of shadows before time runs out.
    As you are the source of light you can only see the hallways you are currently in while the rest remains hidden under a cloak of shadows.

    • 51 levels
    • enemies
    • creepy zen music
    • power-ups (extra time & reveal maze)
    • fancy menus
    • time limits
    • view ad for more time button
    Play the game on:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • We tried contacting them when we had a good sample of the game ready (around level 16 with all the graphics solidified in place). We had just one bite, but we lost them in the process.
      So if you are a publisher interested in this game, drop us an email:

    How did we do it?
    • Swipe to move - since our maze follows a precise grid of 71px, (made out of 72px blocks, but when you use WSAD on them they will move for 71px), the swipe movement must be equal to 71 px. To achieve this we used (Time_warp=50 for world, and Timeout=0.05 and Linear_Velocity=71 [yup, its the same with those settings])
    • Time limit - Invisible action inside an object that gives 1 point. That action is mounted inside the character as a permanent spawner with the spawnrate=1. This ensures that we get one point every second. At the start of the level, there is an action on top of the character that gives the player -30 points. This will, in turn, give us 30 seconds till the counter reaches 0. Our event observer watches for when the points reach the value 1, because 0 is the initial value of everything so the level would be instantly over using that value. Hope that made sense.
      Also you have to hack a font for the counter, to remove the "-" symbol because your numbers are negative.
    • Shadows - we just used the same colored background as the "walls" objects and mounted a light beneath the character. Make sure your walls are casting shadows and your character is not. That's it. Sometimes it takes a little while to get it set-up correctly.
    • Watch video to continue - this is a very tricky one, so if you guy insist I will make a separate post just about this topic. It boils down to this. If you place multiple event observers that watch the same value, they will act in the order you created them.
    • More time powerup - just another -10 points action, to get extra 10 seconds
    • Reveal map powerup - an action with the pickup animation that is: animation placement=FullScreen, Animation behaviour=Replace, using a color different to the walls, and then you just set the duration as much as you like. Just make sure the action is above the background and beneath the walls.
    Hope you guys enjoy our game! Cheers!
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    @minibraun awesome job with this maze puzzler game! Really like the feel of it. thanks for sharing. Good luck!

    Def curious on the set up for the continue video in more details whenever you have time to post that.

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