Master Collection 2 (bb3) Clarification Before Purchase

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    Something that is not clear to me... and I only say this because I heard from previous Mater Collection 1.0 customers that the group of software in that collection was never finished, updated, never fully delivered. So they paid over $5000 but never received fully working bug-free software (that's what they say, I don't own Master Collection 1, if this is not true than BuildBox has to take care of those comments)

    So, here my understanding and questions in trying to assess if this offer is right for me

    Master Collection 2 (with BB3):
    X) My understanding is that with the full purchase of BB2 I will pay the full license to BB2 which gives me immediate access to BB3 beta and a lifetime license to BB3.xx (of course BB4 is not included). Also, IMMEDIATE access and LIFETIME license to VoxelBox, AnimationBox, PixelBox, SoundBox,

    B) license for VoxelBox, AnimationBox2, PixelBox and SoundBox2 will never expire. So, by purchasing today I will have permanent access to all future versions of these four pieces of software (e.g. VoxelBox2, AnimationBox3, etc...) - The only software that will need a purchase-upgrade is BuildBox4, but the rest of the Master Collection will never need to pay purchase-upgrades for the future versions.

    C) Since the key selling point here is Build Box 3 full license (the rest are add-on tools) and we are going to a full purchase price to get BB3... where can we see the roadmap for BuildBox3?
    Where can we access a paying-member-area showing state of futures, WIP futures, wishlist features (e.g. like on Unity, users can see this, request features, vote on future priorities for current development and future development, etc... this way you can see what you are getting and some extent which better than not knowing anything at all)

    D) VoxelBox, AnimationBox2, PixelBox and SoundBox2 are Currently 'FINISHED' products that are READY to use?
    All features work as intended?
    No bugs?
    Exports work fine, all editing and creation features work fine?

    E) where can we see the roadmap for Master Collection software tools?

    F) Are there plans to make all these software tools somehow integrate with Build Box with real-time update of asset editing in the tools and real-time update within BuildBox?
    You can create content in other non-buildbox tools, other voxel editors, other bone animation tools... The real advantage of BuildBox tools would be familiarity with User Interface accross all the tools and direct interaction, smooth interaction between all tools and the main BuildBox Game Engine

    G) Do we have Build Box promise (Trey's promise...) that VoxelBox, AnimationBox, PixelBox and SoundBox will receive updates, fixes and that they WILL BE the tools for many years to come...?
    - What I mean, BuildBox is not going to invent new names-software next year, call them ToolBox which will do the same+more but because they have a different name, is/are different products so we need to buy this new version because what we bought today (VoxelBox, AnimationBox, PixelBox and SoundBox will no longer be moved forward, updated for compatibility, etc.. )

    Hopefully you guys can see this as legitimate and honest questions,
    we are talking about a price tag of $2,675 for...
    - BB3 which is in Beta so = Not Ready
    - Add-On tools which (based on Master Collection 1 users complaints)... where never finished. (If this is false, well then someone has to come to the forums and tells us that these tools were finished and working just fine because forum posts say otherwise)

    So it is only normal that the potential customer, e.g. me, needs some reassurance, roadmap, proof that by purchasing this deal we are going to get fully working software (soundbox, etc... ) with a clear roadmap and release dates for BB3 progresses. Otherwise, what are we actually paying for?

    BY THE WAY... I am asking this because I am really interested in this set of software and BB3, because the idea of using one family of tools and familiar user interface is appealing... Just genuine questions I need to resolve before making a final decision
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    Also the big thing as well is that the price for $2,675 is only for a week. After that it will skyrocket and I feel in about two years we will all be back in the same situation with master collection 3.0
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