Make Particles Move In Same Direction No Matter What Direction Character Is Moving?

Discussion in 'How Can I...?' started by appsushi, Mar 10, 2017.

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    So here's my newest item I can't figure out. I want to make a particle effect come out from underneath my character regardless of which direction he is moving. The background of my game is moving from top to bottom of the screen at about a 12 speed. Whenever I set up a particle, it comes out of the character but only in the opposite direction the character is moving. I have played with the rotation setting as well as the angle but the best I can get is still that the particle moves in the opposite direction the character travels.

    Take for an example a Lunar Lander type rocket. The fire effect should come out of the engine going down regardless of if the user tries to move the ship up, down, left, or right.
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