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    Jan 28, 2016
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    is there a way to limit the number of bullets that can spawn until the character picks up a bullet pack?
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    Mar 3, 2017
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    Oh I totally missed your post @heathclose. Anyways, hope it will still helpful to you and @RAGE Sonix:

    So if this is refill after a while automatically, obviously you can use that Refill option on an Action button and do the shooting from the action anima,tion. If you have to collect a magazine or something to collect some bullets to shoot you may can use a trick:
    1. Duplicate UI as many times as many bullets you have when refilled
    2. Each time you shoot you also tap on an invisible navigation button that leads to another UI with less bullet. You can also display bullets as images on those UIs..
    3. On the last UI there is no button... so you cannot shoot...
    4. Then if you hit a refill magazine, you have a Menu Jump back to the beginning...
    Hope this will work for you and even though use of this is limited you can find it as a good compromise for your needs.
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