Knife Throw 3d - A Knife Hit Clone Made In Buildbox 3

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    Hey everyone, I'm selling my first ever Buildbox 3 template, a Knife Hit clone called Knife Throw 3D. I'm sure you guys know Knife Hit so no need to explain what is the game about . Anyway, Knife Throw 3D is a highly polished Knife Hit clone made on Buildbox 3.

    Template link:

    Youtube Video:

    Discount Code:
    happynewyear10 ($10 off) - Limited to first 5 customers
    happynewyear20 ($20 off) - Limited to first 2 customers

    Main Features:
    - Easily customizable
    - Lots of custom script for you guys to play around and improvise
    - Highly polished
    - Fully documented
    - 10 levels and 2 bosses pre-made

    Why use Buildbox 3 instead of Buildbox 2?
    With the released of Buildbox 3 Beta 4, this easy-to-use but highly flexible program once again able to support 2D development. What makes it better than Buildbox 2? One word: Scripting. Buildbox 2 is a great software that greatly eases software development by having a drag-and-drop approach. However, it is very limited especially when it comes to polishing your game. Buildbox 3 overcome this by allowing developers to use custom scripting to achieve that certain "wow" factor that is not achievable in Buildbox 2.
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