Its Time To Move Out Of Buildbox

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    They should clarify if BB2 and BB Classic is the same Software or different, as it can cause confusion.
    Many people have complained for years about not having a free version, they even turned out to make BB2 for free with profit sharing.
    Now it is the same, only it affects the people who have paid for the Software.
    The Plus version is the most affected I think, since the monthly income of $ 50 would remain at $ 35 less the $ 10 of the license, it would be a profit of $ 25 for each game.
    The minimum earnings to apply the distribution, I think it would have to be about $ 1,250, half that of the Pro version.
    Regarding the earnings of the PRO version, 10% of € 2,500 for each game, I think that is not much, think that winning $ 2,250 a month in good money, if we subtract the $ 250 from the annual payment version, we would have a I deposit the first month of $ 2,000 and the following ones of at least $ 2,250, that for each game, where do I have to sign?

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