Invisible Box Challenge [ios & Android]

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    Hi guys

    Question: "How can i build the Game: Invisible Box Challenge?"
    Answer: "That's right! A game with Boxes, you have to develop with Buildbox!" ;-)

    We hope you enjoy our next bigger Buildbox Game...

    Everyone knows the "invisible box challenge", which went viral a year ago:

    ...finally you can play the ultimate invisible box challenge on your mobile device.​


    Google Play
    DOWNLOAD: AppStore

    Game Info:
    Help "Boxy" and his friends to escape from the factory. But be careful, don't stumble over your friends.
    The goal of the game is very simple: jump on as many boxes as you can.
    Important: Think outside the box and complete the challenge!

    Play this easy one touch game in 3 different modes:
    ◉ Challenge Mode: Complete more than 32 Levels in 4 different Worlds (more Levels coming soon...)
    ◉ Endless Mode: How far can you go? Compete against the rest of the world.
    ◉ Hard Mode: Accept the impossible endless challenge.

    Play the game with 5 different Characters. (more coming soon)
    Unlock all characters, because everyone has his own skills:
    ◉ Boxy: Default Player
    ◉ Bouncy: Attention, he can't walk. (can you handle it?)
    ◉ Jumpy: This player has power and can jump very high.
    ◉ Double Jumpy: Be careful because you have to jump twice in a row.
    ◉ Invisible Boxy: Can you see him? (only for masters!)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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