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    Hi Guys,

    Since a few weeks i work on a new game! The gameplay to creat with buildbox is really simple and cool. It makes really fun to create and also play the game.

    Now I have finished the gameplay and I am concerned with all round the game.

    My plan was, to make a menu similar to many match 3 games, with lives and time recharge or buy some coins to recharge.

    As I have now established, this is not possible with buildbox.

    That's annoying but ok no problem i make other featchers with in game currency.
    But there is the next problem, how does the player know that he must pay in game currency (i mean not a image with a price)- i mean when he has no in game currency and press the button where he need's 10 coins, how does he know this?
    How can i make some kind of pop-up with a text like "you have no Coins" and a button for the store or something like this.. otherwise it looks for the player the game does not work correctly when he press the button and nothing happens. (Of course you could place the current coins over it, but it dependent on the attention of the player, and i want the game to be very easy to understand)

    another thing i don't understand how it should work, or if it is possible with buildbox..
    When a player failed, it would be nice to add a button on the faild UI where the user can play further when he pays a few coins.

    I'm just absolutely unsure how to install inapppurchise, which makes sense with buildbox
    The only one is remove ads, and unlock characters.

    But if I'm honest I would probably not even spend money on it...

    When I play a smartphone game myself, i only pay real money for it when there is a level which I always just barely do not manage, and I suddenly do not have any more lives even though I have almost done it. This is the point where i pay for this game.

    Maybe this is just for me, but I do not think because many successful match 3 games are built like this.

    I hope that I have the functions for inapppurchise with buildbox simply not understood, because buildbox is very well thought-out and works perfectly to make super games.

    I hope someone can help with more experience in this part.

    I apologize for my bad English,


    Kind Regard's
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    To the InAppPurchases(IAPs) you need a account in the Google Play Developers Console that you hace to follow the steps of some tutorials on youtube and if you want to add advertisement to your game you need Heyzap that I have problems in that also, so I dont know how to add the pop up of no enought coins so I hope I helped you.

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