How To Spwan An Enemy Which Falls From Above Throughout The Game?

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    I'm new to BB.. it's really great, but I'm having a hard time figuring how to solve this issue,

    I'm making an Impossible game or Runner (can't see any difference actually)! anyway.. I wanted to make an Enemy (Trash Can) suspending on the air and whenThe Player gets near it falls.. and I did it :D

    But.. the problem is spawning this Trash Can... when adding a Spawner Compenet.. it spawns the Trash Can.. but not like what I wanted instead... it spawns mlutiple trash cans when falling on the Player ??!!! ..
    I want it to spwan randomlly throughout the game like the platforms.

    I think the prolem has something to do with the Y linaer Velocity.. it seems the spawner works based on the velocity of the object!!!

    Is there any solution !?

    Pic : Trash Can settings


    Pic: Result while playing


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