How To Optimise Your Self For Best Publishers Practices

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    The Deal Depends On What Type Of Game You Present To Them. After Apple's 30% Cut. Out Of 70% Of The Revenue That Your Game Made. Publisher Might Be Taking Majority Of The Steak. every Publisher Has A Contract That We Need To Sign Before Publishing the Game.
    For Every Body The Contract Is Different.. Have You Tried Contacting This Publishers To Their Emails.
    Just Go To Their Site , Every Publisher Has Tab For Developer Or Publishing Area Where You Have To Send Them A TestFlight Of Your Game Or .apk
    And One More Before contacting This Big Publishers Make Sure To Check Every Thing About Your Game Like Buttons, share button And Other InGame Stuff. You Don't Wanna Show Your Dirty Baby To Them. Make It Personnel , and Do with Passion, use Email Templates And Use Pro But simple Format. Make Sure You Are specific. These Guys Don't have much Time In their hood To Check every App submission. They want The Best.

    Here is The Sample Email Template
    Your Game title :- ( Game Name:- should Be simple But Easy to understand What The Game Is All About Like Color Switch, Flappy Bird, Crossy Roads, Bounce)
    Description :- ( Tell Here What Your Game Is All About And Which One Is The Main Character And What He Dose) Do Remember To Be Specific.
    Video Link
    :- At Least Best 4 From Iphone And 4 Ipad.
    TestFlight Link:-
    PressKit Release File:- ( This Includes your Studio Or If you are Indie then every thing About You)
    That's It. Be Specific To The Point.

    Here Are The Mistake People Tend Do ( Avoid This)
    1) Do Not Use [CAPSLOCK] For Writing Email To Publisher. This Might Lower Your Chances.
    2) Don't Use "Please" At All.
    3) Don't Use Casual Language like( Hey Buddy I Created This Game Are You Interested In This)

    Any One Feel Free To Add Things I Missed Out. Any Thing Welcome To Make This A Valuable To Even Beginner .
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    Thanks for posting this it will really help out a load of people :)
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