How To Create A Complete Level In One Single Scene? [2d Platformer]

Discussion in 'Level Design' started by Kenway, Dec 20, 2019.

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    I wanted to create a complete level of my 2d platformer game in one single scene. I am unable to figure out how to set up BB3 to do. Like if it's a complete dungeon map, the player could get up, down back and forth. I will create the whole level in Photoshop and then bring it to BB and use vector shapes to create the collision for the required assets painted already. How do I set this up? What should be the Photoshop document resolution? And how do I determine how much portion of the whole scene is being shown while playing, the rest being loaded as the player progresses forward or upward? Help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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    I'm a newb but I wouldn't do it that way personally.

    Resolution will depend on device.
    iPhone 11 is 2688 x 1242.

    If that is your "total" stage, won't the game be really small?
    If you make it 4X that you're talking 10752 x 4968.
    Maybe it will be efficient and compress blank spaces, but it seems BIG and a HOG to me.

    Better I think to split your master image in to say 8 and use each of those as a scene.
    Then there was a DOORWAY object - forget what it is called or where, but when they scroll to it, they get transported to another scene.
    Not 100% sure, but I think that would work.

    BUT I would also additionally NOT import a block background.
    I would recreate it in components and tiling.

    IMHO we still need to be ultra efficient with memory in games, so that they play fast and on smaller devices.
    AYK a sprite sheet is very efficient when each part can be reused.
    i.e. a tree, duplicated, versus a pixel background of 30 trees.

    So yeah I would totally map out the game in photoshop so you have complete freedom if imagination.
    But then as a game dev, I think you need to go the extra mile and recreate it in components in the engine.

    That way you can also add in randomness, variations of levels and so on.
    But bottomline I believe it would play better because it was efficient.

    Maybe your way would work OK, but personally I would not want to go there.
    To make your game more device/resolution independent, IMHO it really needs to be built from components, not a block image.

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