How Do You Arrange Your Graphics ?

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    Hi Guys

    I open this thread so we can exchange the source to find good graphics with affordable price for our game. Which source of graphics do you usually buy for your game ? game assets market or hire an artist ? Your experience with the source ?

    In my case, I'm tight on budget, so I usually find graphics for game on the following sources:

    My experience is : with, we can easily find a complete pack but the quality of graphics there is quite low., there is not many assets to choose from there. is diverse and hard to find good graphics., acceptable quality, but not many to choose

    Now I have to browse through the internet to pick background, gui, characters, objects, separately under a topic (such as zombie) to arrange graphics for my game. It's time consuming and not consistent through a game.

    How do you buy or arrange graphics for your game, guys? Please share your experience.

    Sorry for my bad English
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