How Can I Make Google Play Apk For Android Tv?

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    Has anyone created Android APKs that work with phones/ tablets / TV?

    For Android TV, what type of ads and ad companies are supported? I am asking this because there's almost no ad support for tvOS. What about for Android TV? Does standard ad companies apply for Android TV like we usually do with Google Play phones/ tablet? For convenience, Google made it nicely to add Android TV with just a checkbox in Store Listing, but some additions has to be added to manifest (intents) to make this all work. Is it just in manifest that has to be edited, or needs some more coding?? This thing with "providing home screen banner" into the code is also tricky for me. Does anyone know how to do this in Buildbox games?

    Why there's no exports to Android TV as well in Buildbox?

    There are some configs for Android TV here, but it is just me or that sounds to me like Chinese:

    Please advice,
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