[help] Weird Behavior When Creating Object (programatically) From Another Object

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    I'm trying to solve an issue involving creating few objects (Object A) when another object (Object B) is created. I modified the code from "Spawn" node but it didn't work as I expected. Since I want to create Object A when Object B is created, I put the object creation code block in Object B's init function but nothing is created. Pic: https://i.imgur.com/1IAoZuE.jpg

    However, when I put the same code into the update function, it works!. But I felt like it's not clean to do it like this. Pic: https://i.imgur.com/WCSZFTY.jpg

    So my question is, why it behaves like this? Why the result is different even though it essentially doing the same thing? Does it require continuous function call?

    One weird thing to note, in the first image, there's shadows of Object A, but the objects are not there. Did I do anything wrong or is this a bug?

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