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    Hey Boxers,

    Here we have a fully tested solution for Android games build with BB2 and BB3 where you can literally copy / paste the code into your generated Android project from Buildbox and customize the form in a way you like to be GDPR compliant.

    If you'd like to see the iOS version of the GDPR solution for Buildbox 2 and Buildbox 3, check this post:

    SPECIAL OFFER: [iOS + Android] GDPR solution for $40! Save $10 when you get both!
    PM me for more details!

    More info on EU Consent Policy here:
    If you do not have this EU consent form, Google can remove apps, terminate agreements, etc. Not good business. This policy has been reinforced by Google back in July, 2018.

    In order to resolve this issue, I am using Google Consent SDK, but there are some issues if you try to do it yourself. Like there are two ways to gather consent. What way should you use for Buildbox and your Admob account, etc. There are also issues if you import the code from the Google docs, there's unused variable that's not saving / user's choice when the Consent Form is displaying. Also, they do not give you any code on how to Revoke Consent and with Buildbox, you need a custom solution in order for that to work.

    Price for Android GDPR: $30

    Here you'll get a new java class to add into your generated Android Studio game from Buildbox and have it work as follows:

    1. Check if the user is located in the EU (European Economic Area), if YES, going to step 2... For step 1), the game is showing the EU consent form just once and it remembers the user's choice until the app is deleted from the device or until they Revoke the Consent!
    2. Consent form is showing on app load, where the EU user can choose between Personalized or Non-Personalized ads. If they choose either option, we have a special code to forward consent to Google Mobile Ads for BOTH (Personalized and non-Personalized) options. So when they choose non-personalized ads, it forwards consent to the Google Mobile Ads SDK to show this type of ads, and when they choose Personalized Ads, it forwards consent to the Google Mobile Ads SDK, it does not just dismisses the form, like we have with the iOS version.
    3. So when the EU user makes their choice, you can create a Custom Navigation Button from Buildbox and have that as a Revoke Consent button. Our code shows the Consent form again when that Revoke Consent button is pressed.
    4. The Revoke Consent button is set to invisible if user of your game is located outside the EU.

    The code is fully tested in logs and it works for any Android Exports you make with BB2 and BB3.

    If you want to save lots of time and headache, just PM me and we can get started!
    For just $30, you'll have fully tested solution for both EU and non-EU users. And if you like the iOS version too, you'll get [iOS + Android] custom solutions for just $40!

    What you have to do?
    1. You have to personalize the text on the form that suit your needs
    2. You need a Privacy Policy link from your website that's going to be pasted in the Consent Form
    3. You need to create Consent Button yourself with Buildbox in order for this to work
    4. You need to follow the Google's guide and import the Consent SDK yourself into your game with Android Studio, using the steps outlined here:
    5. You have to PM me with more details about how to send the payment and I'll send you the code that works with the Consent SDK!

    Here's an example when EU user access the game:

    Here's an example when the game is visited by the non-EU user:

    No changes in code in both videos!
    This code is tested with my personal device advertizing identifier based on user location!

    [Disclaimer]: The implementation of the Consent Form and its configuration is your responsibility and you are fully liable for any issues this may have caused down the road. Please follow the steps outlined in my implementation guide in order for this to work, but the customization and configuration of the form is not to be considered as a legal advice!

    PM me, and order now!
    Like @ZackGriset says, keep on boxin' :D

    Live demo:
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